A wish


While traveling to the Colca Canyon, I came across what our guide said are “wishes” that people had piled up on the roadside.  Basically, a pile of stones carefully balanced on top of each other as if reaching the heavens asking for their wish to be fulfilled – this was a wish 🙂


Here are several wishes …

This reminded me of the wishes made in India.  In India, many people make a wish and tie a red dupatta (scarf) around a tree trunk or branch, in a temple.  And when that wish comes true, they come back to that same temple and untie any one scarf.


Threads of faith or steps of hope – it’s nice to see that people around the world find their ways to communicate with God.


So, in the colca canyon, overlooking the capturing terraces, I made a wish too – and here is my wish 🙂


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