My thoughts for today …

I’ve been told that I should blog more .. especially for my “non-facebook” friends 😉 ! So here I am :).  I’ve also been told not to put all these smiley faces in my sentences he he .. but I can’t help it.  If I am smiling why not share it?  You know what they say, “happiness grows when shared” !! Don’t you agree?

I’ve been working from my home office since I came back.  Working alone in the office is slowly teaching me how important discipline and scheduling is for a self employed.  You are fully responsible for your own actions or lack of, for that matter.  But I would say that it is all worth it 🙂 !!  It’s been so exciting making small successes; the kind I don’t think I’ve felt before. I start feeling like what was said in the Alchemist, that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’ :)!  That is not to say that failures/obstacles are not there, or that the universe always gives me what I want.  At this point, there are more uncertainties and obstacles than there are successes.  But that’s where we learn our lessons from.  If we pick up after stumbling from our obstacles, celebrate the small successes and continue believing in our dreams – what can’t be done?!  If anything, at least you won’t ever regret not trying to achieve your dreams.